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Gemma Godfrey

Head of Investment Strategy, Television Broadcaster, Board Director & Quantum Physicist


Gemma Godfrey is a Board Director, Broadcaster and Quantum Physicist.

Voted the most popular businesswoman on Twitter by AdvisorOne, and the City of London’s “Commentator of the Year”, Gemma Godfrey was named among the “savviest” on Wall Street by the Wall Street Journal. Head of Investment Strategy at Brooks Macdonald, her firm manages in excess of £5.9 billion, across 11 offices. Godfrey directs the Asset Allocation and Investment Committees, and positions the business to achieve long-term strategic goals.

CNBC’s first Official Contributor in Europe, the channel has a reach of more than 390 million households across the world. Godfrey is also ITV’s Financial Expert and the ‘Vox Populi’ winner of the ‘Cox Blue Business Influencer Shorty Award’ in social media. Sought out to clarify complex situations as they unfold, she empowers people with knowledge and challenges other to do the same.

Godfrey was selected by the BBC as one of the Top 100 Women, globally, “striving

to make the world a better place”, and profiled by the Sunday Times on the ascent of women in the boardroom. She is on the Board of Advisors of Templars Communications, a member of the Investment Expert Group for the largest communal charity in Europe and an Advocate for the Alternative Investment Management Association.

A Keynote Speaker and Moderator for some of the largest events internationally, Godfrey is frequently quoted in the Financial Times, Telegraph, Times, Guardian and Independent. Furthermore, she founded, offering smart insights for smart investing, and is a front-page featured columnist for the Huffington Post.

Previously Godfrey held a weekly slot for Sky News and was the Chairman of the Investment Committee of Credo Capital. Prior to this she was a fund manager for Julius Baer and responsible for Latin American investments at GAM. She has spent time at Goldman Sachs and UBS, and is a quantum physicist by background.


There is no one better at clarifying complex conditions as they unfold....

Michael Gurka, Managing Director, Spectrum Asset Management, LLC

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Her expertise is unmatched in her field and her ability to articulate global solutions is priceless.

Sean Larsgard, Founder, Prediction Point Trading

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    Inspiring Women

    One Leap (backed by the Prime Minister)

    Striving To Make The World A Better Place

    BBC's Top 100 Women

    Power 500 Panel


Speaker & Moderator

Articulate, confident and well informed.. I would love to work with Gemma again!

Victoria Chatterton, Senior Conference Director, ICBI


London, November 2013

"In Conversation With Gemma Godfrey", Moderator

"Works with over 2,000 companies and 10,000 key decision-makers on emerging business & investment opportunities"


New York, October 2013

TEDxWallStreet, 'Filling The Void', Speaker

"TED conferences bring together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less)."


London, April 2013

Business, Finance & Entrepreneurs Dinner, Moderator

"Leading charity supporting vulnerable children, families and people with learning disabilities. Founded over 200 years ago, Her Majesty The Queen is a Patron."


London, Nov 2012

The World MoneyShow: Key Note Speaker

“Empowering individuals with a passion for investing for three decades on how to Invest Smarter, Trade Wiser.”


Portugal, June 2011

Annual International Securities Lending Conference: Moderator

“Organised exclusively by market participants, this conference is the only event of its kind in Europe.”


London, May 2012

The Blockbuster Trading Event: Moderator

“Bringing the leading traders, strategists and industry insiders together, to share their unique expertise and insights.”


London, June 2012

The BM Annual Investment Conference: Moderator

“Leading Lights in Fund Management and Business offer crucial insights into the challenges & opportunities we face.”


Monaco, June 2011

GAIM International: Key Note Speaker

"The largest and longest running hedge fund event in Europe."


International, May 2011

Global Professional Organisation Event: Key Note Speaker

“A global, professional organization based out of New York City, dedicated to education of the public, the investment community, and its membership of technicians”.

A terrific moderator

Marc Sidwell, Business Features Editor, City A.M.


Her prolific writing and opining across multiple media has become known for incisiveness and clarity

Hamlin Lovell, CFA, CAIA, FRM, Journalist

The Times

Investment Q&A: 'Go-to' financial expert for answers to readers investment questions.

The New York Times

International business commentator covering economics, politics and financial marlet issues outside the US but affecting US investors.

The Telegraph

Financial expert providing personal finance and investment advice.

City A.M.

Columnist for the national business newspaper, on a sporadic basis for the Wealth Management Section.

Huffington Post

Weekly column offering key investment insights, held since 2010.

Financial Times

Week Ahead: Quoted on a monthly basis on what's been moving the markets and what to watch in the upcoming week.

The Telegraph

Spokesperson for the Alternative Investment Management Association, since 2010.

The Independent

'Go-to' person for insights into the European Debt Crisis.

Family Offices Global

Columnist for the quarterly publication, responsible for the macroeconomic overview, since 2010.

City A.M.

Columnist for the national business newspaper, on a sporadic basis for the Wealth Management Section.

Total Investor

Weekly column for the first-of-its-kind website uniting consumers and the professional community, until 2011.

Mindful Money

Weekly column for the website offering a social news and knowledge network to the investment community, until 2011.

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Nothing short of excellent. Proven to be spot-on, entertaining & informative.. outstanding

Michael DiVecchio, Program Manager, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Consistently ahead of the curve

Alan von Altendorf, President, CWSX LLC

To achieve this credibility takes enormous hard work

Harry Owen, Commercial Director, City AM

A one-of-a-kind woman.. a source of inspiration

Joyce Hanson, Associate Editor, Summit Business Media

As close as most of us will ever come to a living, breathing crystal ball

Ed Carson, CEO, HVT Capital Management

Her unique background affords her ways to approach conundrums in a manner rarely seen on Wall Street

Oliver Pursche, Managing Partner, Montebello Partners

A prolific strategist.. with a razor sharp intuition

Radin Yousefi, Managing Director, Tradevec Limited

A rare find.. a true intellect with the power to communicate clearly & concisely

Christian M. Wagner, CEO, CIO, Longview Capital Management, LLC

Unique balance of intelligence combined with a healthy dose of common sense.. offers practical advice, thoughtful leadership & new ideas

Martin Rust, Senior Consultant, Strategy Corp

A dynamic personality, highly respected in her field yet possessing the warmth of a dear friend

Steven M. DiGregorio, President, Compass Asset Management Group, LLC

One of a very few trusted sources of information in the business

Christopher Colbourne, Founder, Trident Colbourne Financial Ltd

Vivacious, witty and erudite.. If there was a listed stock for Gemma, I'd be going long on her every day

Leon Clarance, Chief Executive Officer, Motion Picture Capital Limited